Feeling Disorganized?

Does clutter seem overwhelming and you don’t even know where to start?
Does it feel like an insurmountable task?

If opening your closet or meandering into your garage makes you feel like you are suffocating, you are certainly not alone. Clutter plagues most people and, yes, it can get to the point where it honestly feels like it’s crushing us to death.I understand. And I do not judge. You work hard, then you come home and there are things to do. And you do need time to relax and unwind to be able to work....

That’s where I come in! I am happy to organise your closet, your kitchen, your sock/lingerie drawer, your fridge or any other room.
Maintaining it will take a whole less effort and you’ll be surprise how much good it will do for your overall well-being.


Just some effects of clutter on our physical health (pointed out in New York Times and WebMD):

  • Exacerbates allergies by inviting buildup of dust mites, dander, mold and other allergens
  • Creates a gem haven
  • Increases risk of fire and injuries
  • Decreases odds of exercise (How can you go running when you can’t find your shoes?)
  • Makes you late for work and appointments when you can’t find your things
  • Makes you overweight, with organisational expert Peter Walsh finding a link between over-consumption of stuff and overconsumption of food
  • Depletes your energy with its overwhelming presence

Effects on mental health:

  • Increases stress and anxiety
  • Blocks out new things from entering your life
  • Exacerbates symptoms of paruresis and other mental issues
  • Strengthens procrastination
  • Weaken decision-making skills,as you are avoiding any decisions by letting all this stuff pile up
  • Prevents living in the moment

“As people start to control the clutter, they begin to take better care of themselves”, according to professional organizer Lynne Gilberg. That better self-care hits both the mental and physical levels, WebMD adds.