Have you always wanted a well put together space, but don’t have the knack for decorating?

Or do you think you can’t afford it?
Maybe you simply don’t have time to run all over town looking for bargains and things that go well together?
Did you know that even the same stores (like Marshall’s, Ross, TJMaxx, even Wal-mart carry different inventory in different locations?
But who has the time to drive to every single one of them from Red Rock to Boulder Hwy (and everything in-between)? And often things are gone by the time you get to a certain store-frustrating.

Well, I do this for a living!

Because I normally have several clients at any give time, I spend several days a week visiting various stores looking for specific items.
In the end, it actually saves a lot of time, as I know exactly where a particular item could be found and who has it at the best price.

I can put together a room (or entire condo/house) on a budget which won’t break your piggy bank :).
Don’t waste your precious time running all over town-let me do this for you.