Bill Pay

Roughly 1 in 4 US adults don’t always pay their bills on time, according to NFCC’s 2015 Financial Literacy Survey.

It’s crucial to credit health to pay your bills on time and avoid having your accounts sold to collection agencies.
Paying your bills on time can save you money. You’ll avoid late payment fees and penalty interest rates, and also maintain or build a good credit, which can help you get approved for favorable (read “lower-interest”-yet more money savings) loan terms.

If you seem to forget to pay your bills on time on the regular basis or they just get on the top of you and make you feel confused, let me help.
For one low flat-rate fee, I will come to your home and help you sort these out.
If you are not computer-savvy, I can help you set up online payments.

If you prefer things old-fashioned way, I will organise your bills, write the checks and file everything in orderly manner